Monday, August 24, 2009

Food & Mood Solutions * B-Vitamins

Don't forget to take your B Vitamins!!!!  or your mood could suffer!

Ok.   So I am reading my Food-Mood Solution book and EVERY SINGLE one of these symptoms says to increase your B-Complex.

When you need a little boost for:
Distractibility:  High-potency B-complex + Omega Fish Oils + GABA
Down days:  Vitamin B-12 plus tyrosine
Fatigue: High-potency B-complex + extra vitamin B1 
Fuzzy Thinking & Spaciness:  High-potency B-complex + Vitamin B1 + B12 + Omega Fish Oils
and on goes the list......
Irritability, Anger, Agressiveness
Premenstral Moodiness

Take a B's Everybody!
Where to find Great B Vitamins?  I get mine at

The Super B-12 are Awesome  If you want even more energy & good mood!
Try the ENERGY NOW vitamins and you will be buzzing naturally all day long! :)

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