Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wasabi Hangover Detox Bath Treatment

Ok.  So I LOVE finding NEW products to try.  I also love taking a hot bath before bedtime & like to use lavender epsom salts w/ baking soda to sweat out the toxins especially after a big weekend of festivities...... but I have never tried Wasabi in the Bath!!!?? This treatment is extremely affordable and looks amazing!!!  I am ordering some now!

The Wasabi Hangover Bath Treatment contains Organic Ginger for nausea, fever & indigestion, Organic Mustard for increased circulation, stimulating sweat glands, & opening pores, Epsom salts for relieving aching muscles and internal rebalancing, and a specific blend of essential oils to loosen phlegm, sooth nerves, and stimulating pain relief.

Combined, these ingredients are the ultimate detoxifying bath which relieve symptoms of jet lag, hangover, food over-consumption or the flu/cold.

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