Sunday, August 16, 2009

Almond Encrusted Chicken w/ Orzo

2 pkgs of thinly sliced chicken
bread crumbs
2 eggs
organic milk or rice milk
salt n pepper
sliced almonds
Jane's Crazy Mixed Up Salt
1 pkg of Orzo (rice shaped pasta)
Olive oil - olive oil spray
Fresh lemon
Freshly grated parmesan cheese
Fresh vegetables - Trader Joe's brussels sprouts or asparagus

Almond Encrusted Chicken:
whisk together 2 eggs + splash of milk in a bowl
Add Jane's Crazy Mixed up salt (to taste)
Take a handful of sliced almonds and cut them up into tiny pieces on a cutting board
In separate bowl, add bread crumbs and almond pieces
Heat skillet to medium adding olive oil to pan (enough to coat the bottom of pan)
You can use Olive oil spray- just make sure pan is coated at all times so chicken do not stick to pan

Place chicken slices in egg mixture, coat well, then coat with almond breadcrumbs on both sides and place in olive oil coated saute pan. (Pan should be lightly coated - not swimming in grease)
Place lid on top of pan and let it saute for approx. 4 min per side (or until lightly browned)
Remove chicken, squeeze fresh lemon juice and add a dash of salt + pepper and fresh parmesan.

Asparagus and/or Brussels Sprouts (this will work for either):
In a large pot, boil 6 cups water. Add dash of olive oil and salt.
Pre-heat oven to Broil.
Cut bottom of spears off of asparagus
Cut Brussels Sprouts in half.
Add vegetables into boiling water and blanch for approx. 2 minutes.
With a slotted spoon, place vegetables into glass pyrex dish.
Sprinkle with olive oil, + Crazy Jane's seasoning salt.
Place in oven on Broil for about 3-5 min. until lightly browned.
Squeeze fresh lemon juice over veggie, sprinkle with salt a pepper to taste and serve.

Boil 6 cups boiling water in large pot. (you can use same water as blanched veggies)
Add olive oil and salt.
Add Orzo rice shaped pasta to boiling water.
Cook until lightly opaque or al dente. (approx. 4-5 min)
Sprinkle with olive oil, fresh lemon juice and fresh parmesan.
Add salt and pepper to taste.


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