Monday, August 17, 2009

Healthy Snacks to Keep your Energy and Mood Up during the day....

Did you know that WHAT you EAT controls not only your weight & fat but also your moods and energy? Are you tired, cranky, irritable, out of focus or stressed frequently throughout the day?

I find that I am so busy sometimes that I forget to eat and then I am sooooo hungry that I end up grabbing something that is NOT so healthy or I wolf down an entire meal because I am starving to death. This creates an unhealthy fluctuation in blood sugar and makes me extremely fuzzy, crabby and cranky - and then all I want to do is take a big nap.

So now - I try and keep healthy snacks close by - I keep Raw almonds & kashi bars in the car. I always have some baby carrots, cucumbers, salsa and apples in the fridge and keep a few cans of either white beans or black beans and organic corn chips in the pantry. Quick and Easy treats that make me feel great!

Here is a list of healthy snacks to keep you body fueled and your mind sharp and happy:

Apple slices
+ peanut butter

Small serving of fruit
+ Grapefruit, nectarine, peach, mixed berries

Carrot sticks
+ Hummus
+ Asian Ginger Dressing

Handful of Almonds or sunflower seeds or Walnuts

Fruit yogurt parfait
+ granola or almonds

Black Beans + Salsa
+ Organic Corn Chips

Hardboiled egg (Trader Joe's has a bag of already hardboiled eggs)

Slice of cheese w/ Kashi Vegetable crackers

Kashi or Nature's Path granola bars

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